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Saturday, May 26, 2012


birthday boy
was in for the time
of his score and five 
the office 
was just a speed bump.
the real work
was about to go down
with the assistance
of decadent delights
by those he trusted.
neon hot,
the sweat dripped 
and hands were wrung
in nervous anticipation.
his cherry 
was about to explode.
popped tops
on bottles of ciroc
flowed endlessly
until the main event...
dimmed lights
screamed her arrival
and she strutted
like the prized stallion of yore.
her intro blasted
with bass beats
and delicate
that made the eyes roam,
men's mouths foam
and women moan
because they wanted her too.
she owned the stage
as every curve
and dip of her 
mocha honey
made the lookers
toss that money...
and it rained 
as she reigned.
git on the dance floor!"
he had never seen 
a sexy girl like her
and roger agreed
he watched 
as she swayed her hips
jumped on the pole
and puckered her lips
to blow a kiss
only for him.
tag team...
she couldn't be touched
so a deal was made.
two girls were paid
and dance on his lap
they did
until he jerked and jizzed.
she leaned over, 
licked the pole
and sashayed
into a fade to black
as her assets
thanked him
for coming.


  1. as her assets thanked him for piece man....

  2. Thanx Bri! Always good to know you enjoyed! Mean's a lot!

  3. You know I've always loved your writing! Nice piece!

  4. Yes indeed...Thank you Clarissa for being one of the few that still support.Your involvement is much appreciated!