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Sunday, May 13, 2012

that's when you knew

that long march 
to the squat bush...
tears rolling,snot bubbling.
it had to be 
sturdy and strong.
the sound 
had to cut through thin air
and leave your skin
crawling with pain
upon contact.
that's when you knew
she couldn't love you.
that piece of cake,
pushing away 
and doubting 
that lover
who was yours to take,
throwing heels
that defied gravity
to find the hardness
of your head.
that's when you knew
she couldn't love you.
not buying that outfit
or those gold colored
chuck taylor's
you saw on everyone's feet.
food that tasted good
but having it everyday
until next sunday.
a negative remark
at every turn...
she had to be the devil's daughter.
yet when 
there was no one
to dry your tears
after that lover beat you,
she was there.
when you put on pounds
from the german chocolate,
she told you 
how beautiful
you'd become.
when you disciplined
her grand entrance,
the sound of her voice
made you shiver...
because it came from you.
the temptation
of buying into the joneses
and becoming
a carbon copy...
it never crossed your mind.
feeding hungry little mouths,
on next to nothing,
was a simple reciprocal,recipe
while her words
rang out in your soul.
now as she sits
with pepper and platinum
you realize
 it was all because
she does love you.
a sacrifice of friendship
for respect,
that made you the person
you are today.

1 comment:

  1. this is absolutely beautiful. I always thought that when I was going to have kids of my own, I would NEVER be like my mom. But now that the time is here, I am TOTALLY my mom. And I wouldn't have it any other way. You never really truly understand the pains and joys that mothers go through when you become one yourself... :)
    Lovely words...This rings close to my heart. Thank you....