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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

how deep

that was the number
that marked my existence
when it hit me.
that warbled bass line,
syncopated guitar chops
and smooth silky soul.
i was in the back seat 
of my brother's 
banana yellow
'69 cutlass supreme,
on the road to nowhere,
when you sang
about how much she meant
to you.
all the lies and heartache,
the pain 
that you endured
just to love someone 
until you died.
you were talkin'
to me.
my young ears
gobbled up the hurt
like biscuits and gravy.
for i was in the same situation
as you~
love struck and confused.
a new york mining disaster
of sorts.
yet you pulled me out
with ease.
a switch that had me
snapping and bobbing
to the fever pitch 
of a saturday night
and wandering,
when the time was right,
how deep her love for me 
really was.
hugging bell bottoms
and fly collar shirts,
straight hair or afros
on the girls in mini skirts.
your signature was there,
soaring high in falsetto 
that had us all abuzz...
your reflection
must have been lonely
and beckoned 
for your companionship.
twins are so close...
they have that love until you die
that you sang so well.
the flowing locks,
tight harmony
haunting melodies
will always remain.
oh my friend,
you'll never know
what you meant to me.

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