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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the plight of little peach

the price was set,
yet the look
of stone upon his face
was never broken.
nine sharp 
or he would no longer consider
being a savior.
the crisp,clean lines 
and edges 
of armani
all she needed to know.
there would be no time 
for sorrow.
she walked through
the marketplace
eyeing tasty treats
and sweet meats
while visions of a golden sunset
gently reminded little peach
of nocturnal necessities.
brilliant lies
had gotten her thus far
but the encounter ahead
would soon turn childhood
into a woman
and allow her to feed
a weeping future.
her stomach roared
while her heart pounded
silent screams
that drowned out the reality 
of her emptiness.
"you will be nothing."
abandonment and shame...
yet she had to be something
for them.
she mouthed the rules
as she walked into the devil's den.
white faced
for a special event,
forty-two kay yen.
was it enough?
 more honor
would be left at the door
as she disrobed.
"anata wo shiawase ni agetai desu."
a wicked grin
spread across his face.
she was on time
and wanted to make him happy.
all he wanted
was his money's worth
before the horrendous smelling incense
burns out.


  1. Wurdz! Best one yet! You've captured so much of the innocence, the fear, the lies, and brought it all roaring to an end...where you allow us to fill in the blanks...the market, the walk...this simply breathes life all its own. Still though...there is sadness bleeding thru, and for me...that is where the true poetry is...fantastic Brother Poet! Fantastic!

    1. Natasha, I'm truly humbled by your words. I know you get tired of me saying it, but your comments mean so much. There are very few poets that I respect for their're one of THEE best!

  2. ugh...selling herself for a future....and an empty stomach...what a sad world we live in eh?

    1. said it Bri. Selling for a couple of futures. Thanx for reading!

  3. There is a hollowness in both the buyer and the seller in this marketplace for human dreams, and you capture this existential desperation in your piece.

  4. This is so powerful and brought to mind the work of a realist Japanese novelist and her novel "Child's Play" about the young girls of a poor neighborhood who were sold to brothels and the horrible emotions they experienced in leaving their childhood friends. Very evocative, wurdz