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Saturday, May 5, 2012


she waited 
until the fire in her belly
roared with unimaginable anger.
this habit he had
of toying 
with the flame
had to end.
midday phone calls,
while he inquired 
about the details, 
that would 
send shivers 
along the base of her spine.
the sounds of business as usual
in the background
while he waxed the wood
and listened 
to her moan in stereo.
a quick promise
would lead to fantastic
drenched in indescribable
that she dare not change...
because she likes it.
the minute hand
would pull the hour hand
and the delay
always seemed to land
her in need.
speed cop, nurse.
this time paris 
would set the scene 
as he walked in.
but nevermore
kissed her psyche
once more,
pushing the desire for touch
through the roof.
soft egyptian
cradled her thighs,
she closed her eyes
and entered the region
traveled by shakes and quakes.
all at once
her back arches 
like the golden copy
and she is served...
thick and juicy.
her noble steed arrives
but she has started without riding him.
but that will be rectified
when he sees
the invitation
she wears.


  1. whew...thats got some major long as she doesnt finish before he gets there all is well you know...smiles....

  2. I love reading your work. It is easy to imagine, to put the words into motion. Keep up the awesome work!