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Saturday, June 9, 2012


the sounds
that travel 
from the underground
move me
with the expertise 
of a surgeon in heat.
up and around,
in mid flight,
an all we can eat buffet
of lemon sorbet
and sausage a la mode.
i can show you
how that kitty works
but first
you've made it 
your prime directive
to make me release 
the men in white.
so i lay back
and relax
while the honey drips
from lips 
that cause 
the swivel of hips
and i glimpse
an enormous eclipse
as you work
from the dominant position.
wet and sticky
beckon to my wooden 
but i hold out 
for the chance 
to see you swallow
my pride.
engine,engine 69
i tense 
as your technique
reigns sublime.
they come,
they scream towards 
the third eye
aye yai yai
the navy seamen 
explode in angry waves...
thankful for their
by your orders.
running down the corners,
you lick the soldiers
from a pomegranate
and plant a kiss
on my head. 
we slide into slumber
as the sounds 
of lightening and thunder
remind us
of the subway ride
we have to finish.