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Saturday, June 30, 2012

return of the pieman

simple simon
once told me,
in a dream,
the easiest way
to eat a pie
is to dive in
with no remorse 
or forethought.
i shook my head in dismay
as i wondered,
how could it be done
if approached that way?
but simple boy that he was,
i kicked him out of my memories
and set adrift
on blissful rumination
of how to jar
a sensual sensation
from the center 
of your soul.
so i turned you over gently
and spread heaven's gates.
you moaned and stirred
then bent your knees~
i fancied it absurd
that you may be awake
and she wanted the same.
personality number two
looked back at me
with lips
glazed in sweetness.
a pie so undeniably 
and drenched 
in creamy goodness...
her mantra of  the moment
pulled my taste buds
into the softness
with muffled delight.
you squirmed and sighed
as sounds of simple simon
echoed and cried
and i realized
i had done his bidding.
face first 
with none other than your climax
driving my urge,
i devoured the sticky strudel.
your back arched
as mountains
shook like jelly.
came more filling
while thighs
embraced me 
with warm greetings.
i tasted the wares
and you were aware
of the warm frosting
beneath my nose. 
the only thing necessary
from one so fair.

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