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Saturday, June 16, 2012

a new york minute

like a piston churning,
beneath the rhythmic streets, 
and her sticky treat
gobbles the head
a one,
a two hoo,
baby girl knows what to do.
her mind is on the clock
while his stroke
is on the take.
a clandestine meeting
under the bridge
at 59th...
a classic structure
that silhouetted 
her modern silhouette
and made the cabbage
in his jeans
lean towards 
her prada and stilettos.
the escalade is rockin',
her breasts are furiously knockin'
while the night air
inhales the drama
of their sordid pleasure.
foot over the arm rest,
his best angle
to see 
gigantic nipples 
on such a firm d chest.
his thrusts are steady and long
as he pulls aside her thong
while the 
of her gum
ushers her desire 
for him to be through.
but fifty presidents
have something to filibuster.
he huffs and puffs
putting his back 
into it.
with an oscar type 
purr and moan,
she slides the juicy
into a perfect position
for him to see...
mission possible.
as he shoves into temporary bliss,
she calculates 
her share
of the night's delights.

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