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Saturday, July 7, 2012

wax and weltz

they said it was fine
and very appropriate. 
to do so was an honor... 
i like to watch. 
so the evening routine
was replaced  
by cries of painful passion 
as i sipped my cognac
  with feet elevated. 
the ceremony was short and sweet 
strawberries and chocolate 
placed on a platter, 
for me to eat. 
i looked on 
as blood bonded 
and emotions soared. 
her curvaceous thickness 
would never leave one bored. 
then the attack, 
fast and furious. 
with swift desire, 
he did toss her supple frame 
onto the mattress 
for the start of blissful hell. 
with lights dim and her assets bare, 
he began to lick and suck each cheek 
as if i weren't there. 
her moans of pleasure 
seeped past the rubber ball 
and i did desire, 
wanted to inquire, 
as the need in me 
built to a raging fire, 
if it were possible
  to experience a taste. 
but i said 
i just like to watch 
in haste. 
the blackness
  of collar and cuff 
against their shades of brown 
sent waves crashing through my mind. 
the flicker, 
caused by candle in hand, 
changed the shadows 
and pulled a long purr 
from deep within her soul. 
red heat ran rampant
  over her ass and back 
while he positioned himself 
and slid in with skillful knack. 
he thrust with a fervor 
that shook her bottom
  with each stroke. 
she grabbed the sheets 
and matched his rhythm, 
he poured more wax
like hot scarlet jism. 
the candle burned out, 
unlike their lust. 
he laid the tarnished taper aside 
and gave her round brown 
  a solid whack. 
she yelped  
letting out a series of sighs 
as sugar and cream
  oozed down her thighs. 
i wondered 
if she could see me
  through the blindfold she wore. 
 would she see my naughty grin 
harboring the devious desire 
of wanting to see this again. 

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  1. oooo! That just gave me chills.