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Sunday, July 15, 2012


she looked at him
with fire in her eyes.
not the red devil
timid ordinary lust,
but a blistering blue
that seared 
the inner edges
of his want.
she straddled 
with a skill
learned from years 
in the making.
this moment 
would shatter his libido
and even though
he was used to her flow
there'd be no out,
nowhere for him to go.
the plan was daring...
but not so much
as the night 
they considered sharing.
inch by inch
she took him in
savoring the girth
while he moaned,
for all it was worth.
a nice steady pace to start the show
then a slow shift 
into turbo
and away she goes.
pumping and grinding
like a hydraulic jack
but paying close attention
to the sensitivity
of his sack.
follow the bouncing balls
to the sugary walls
which clench and drench
with hot magma
that sprays like water
as he holds her by the waist.
an arched back
and sighs that pierce
like musical daggers,
bring down more
of the creamy elixir
they had been chasing.
a steady stream 
 soaks the bed
as she slowly climbs down
to use her head.
she had always wanted to do it
and he said there was nothing to it.
this time
she had taken 
her time 
because the other times
just weren't 
the right time.
she was in control
and that made the difference.
looking up at him,
she smiled
and used her tongue.
there would now 
be more encounters like this
and they can all end
in soaking bliss.

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