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Saturday, July 28, 2012

on the ave

bright lights,
big city.
she was promised 
the time
of her life
and the call had come through.
just a getaway
for the girls...
neon hues
 in pastels and flats
streaming in waves
as the stretch
glided slowly
and effortlessly.
chilled champagne
soft music while in the middle lane,
set the tone
for the night's activities.
something naughty,
with devious proclivities,
to make her swoon
under the pale
 full moon.
the line had never been crossed
yet this was the moment 
she'd heard so much about.
she would be had
and in an instant
be glad 
they chose to indulge.
and into the car
someone did hop,
ready to make the encounter
a delicious memory
for any to see.
lips kissed lips
and sugar coated lips
found lips
as the director
smiled with glee.
contacted earlier,
he knew this was a place
he'd love to be.
undulating passions
colored by a pulsating beat...
fingers, tongues, hands
all working 
to soothe the rampant heat
from deep within.
the pulse of the city goes on.
yet the heartbeat
of friendship
has taken a skydive 
into lust's lair.
in a shiny black banger
they bang
like wet scissors 
until throaty moans escape
and hungry 
nibble needy necks nape.
the sound of silence
sings like fire
and the deed is done.
they are no longer two
but one.
the pulse of the city goes on...
by the sighs
of a promise well kept.
beep, beep.

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