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Saturday, August 4, 2012

and on the 6th day

carnival barker
back door libido cries out
to hark her
desire for the morning wood.
the scintillating escapades
waiting to be borne
as coffee perks,
he slowly jerks
and the dog yawns 
in the corner.
a hint of gray
peeks through 
half open blinds
but the day ahead
is farthest from their minds
since five 
have been laid to rest.
jolts their resolution
so the only solution
is to climb 
back into bed,
indulge in simultaneous head
until the rooster crows
and the kitty knows
that a wet spot
is not far behind.
so the day's start
is put on hold 
as bodies writhe 
to heights untold.
canine injection
with sighs of affection...
she can feel it,
he can feel it
but can they deal with
the mounting eruption
that lies ahead?
she tells him to hurry
as the moans begin
and he thrusts again
sending jolts of pleasure
through her brain.
joe gets spilled
but the heat can't compare
to the cream filling
she ingested.

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