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Saturday, August 25, 2012

el amor que nunca fue

when i looked into your eyes
on that fateful day,
there was no hint 
of utter disaster.
the only thing 
which stood proud
 and prominent
seemed to be the promise
of  eternity.
but who is here
to care for me
when the hurt surrounds
like predators
waiting to devour 
any residue
that was left?
can i
roll over
 to the warm spot
that still whispers your name
and plead my case?
or must i
take solace
in the fact
that you once gave me
empty vouchers
for yesterday's love?
the tears
have turned bitter...
once the sole reminder
that kept remorse
from rotting
our memories.
but now that i see no use
in the redeeming value
brought on by thinking,
i gladly surrender
and give my sanity
to the wind.
for the truth
will always remain
within the walls
of my soul.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous writing! I'm really struck by the phrase "empty vouchers for yesterday's love," so heartbreaking. This has a gut-level honesty to it that is just stunning.