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Saturday, August 18, 2012

the hooded spectre and groovy dude

where are you?
the dear to me days 
of nostalgic laughter
have slithered
into the nether regions
by the hoarse cries
spewed from grape monkeys.
snaggled lions
and inch high detectives
roam about,
searching for the door
that will lead them
to prominence
once more.
cute sidekicks
and overly endowed 
womanly animation
whisper their desires
while i formulate plans
to see them all.
"don't forget us...we're here."
yet all that remains
are the bones 
of an art form
once revered.
stilted movement
encased by insane plots.
so few are worthy...
they carry the seed of a new world
formulated in apathy
and forged in grief.
what say you 
to this brave new generation
deprived of the joy 
once known 
every six days?
modern stone age
shouts and giggles
that no longer resonate 
with the network crowd.
i search,
i surf
until my fancy
indulges in that which is pure.

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