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Sunday, April 22, 2012

tangled tan

so wet and piston hot,
dripping profusely
from the tip
of your nose 
as you work
the pole.
you dance like a tigress
in the throws
and purr
like a kitten
that knows
her moment of truth
is just around the bend.
lift it up 
and slide it down
that ass
is a work of art
so round and brown.
the heat 
we generate
is a check it
and see
one hundred and three
and rising
as we change
and you look back
at me.
i smack the bread
and watch it jiggle,
watch it wiggle
but this ain't
as we finagle
the next round of brazilians.
the arch of your back
calls out to me
and i answer
with saturated
that inhales
salty sweetness.
i listen to satisfaction
pomegranate lips
and land 
on the psyche
of my voracity.
you tumble down
and soon
i'm following after.

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