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Monday, April 23, 2012

i saw your face

i saw your face,
fleeting and serene.
a testimony
to the devotion
that flowed from my heart
i heard
your heart...
it took on the shape
of all i wanted
yet i knew you not
in the form 
that so many are used to.
we talked 
and talked
of those things you would do.
how you would
change the very fiber
of this hell
we inhabit~
the dawn 
of a new me
as twilight 
engulfed what i had become.
you were the embodiment
that i shied from
yet the release
my soul yearned for.
but fate 
has a fickle sense
of humor.
the pain was unbearable
as i felt you
pouring out of me.
from the depths 
i cried out...
my pleas became
that begot questions
which had no sensible answer
and you were gone.
the smile, 
that i never saw,
was snatched away
leaving me with the image
of what could have been...
i saw your face
and you were me.


  1. Wow...this is touching and all too real for me...really nice work...

    1. Thank you Jay. This piece is for my Majik Monday series. Someone gave me the topic and it haunted me...