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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

into the void

enticing and arousing
the core of me,
like a computer,
sent browsing
for the ever sweet
and delicate dousing
you gave to me.
it was hard
it was insane
pure madness
yet total genius
all the same,
i was caught up 
in your game
a rose from heaven
but yet no name,
did you give...
but it was all relative
to the fact 
that once 
our eyes met
it was entirely kismet
that you and i
were meant to be
like salt water and fresh
at the middle 
of the sea.
your mind played
and you wanted to run
your soul was still grieving
from the past deeds
you've done.
the night we shared
was oh so rare.
a gemstone,
honed from one so fair.
your touch was 
and mesmerizing,
a radiating
that kept my libido rising
and our bodies writhing...
so why did you
tattered and lame,
pain in every membrane
yet the only thing which remains
is the memory
of your smile.


  1. "like salt water and fresh
    at the middle
    of the sea."

    This is so beautiful! And the ending...just heartbreaking. A wonderful poem.

  2. Hey you! Very sensual write... I was entranced. Loved the lines:
    "it was entirely kismet
    that you and i
    were meant to be
    like salt water and fresh"

  3. at least you still carry the memory right? some nice heat to this but esp like the cadence...