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Saturday, April 14, 2012

surrogate sensations

loud and wild,
drove her from the shadow
of safety
and into the welcoming 
anger was the catalyst
but pain 
would be the ignition
for her desires.
she drove
with furious speed
throwing wind 
into the face of caution,
to do the daring deed
that would calm her nerves
once more.
she fell
into arms
soft and sweet...
laced with the perfume
of times past,
they explored.
vertical and horizontal
meet in a wet embrace
that sends chills,
warm and moist,
through pleasure peaks
firm with anticipation.
her tender tongue
teased a need
for total
faster and faster,
lady in the boat
while torrid scenes
pull sighs
from their throats.
she must forget,
she must not regret
the reason
her climax explodes
before womanly eyes
leaving salty trails
on creamy thighs.
gin and juice
dulls the senses
yet the reason she came
was to come
and that she did.
but naked laments 
fill their souls
as the reason for the
remains the same.


  1. pain and hurt are terrible motivators for sex man...they blind us and def leave us with that regret in the morning...and questions like 'what was your name...' smiles...

    1. Boy do I know REAL comment,ahem.

  2. It is strange that guilt still exists in this strip it culture. I'm often astonished to find a sense of modesty towards sexuality, even from people who otherwise seem far from sexual prudes or inhibited. Makes me think that there's a lot of truth still in the biblical story of Adam and Eve being ashamed of their nakedness after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Your poem is reallybgoid, bringing into its narrative an interplat of graphic visceralness and that strange repulsion that came with the act.