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Saturday, February 25, 2012

tales of the conversion

last night 
entered his waking moment,
burning a new horizon
into sleep ladened
arise and grind 
entered his mind
as the caramel coated princess
lay peacefully beside him.
trembling hands 
trace the beckoning call
that screams 
from the outline
of six by six~
supple and firm.
wet and hot,
 peaks of chocolate 
introduce themselves,
to red desire
that sucks eagerly,
from vanilla steel,
trying to draw the life essence
which has never been  present.
their job is to please,
tease and squeeze
the arrogance
of pleasure
from loins 
hot and bothered.
silky moans of good morning
escape licked lips
which ooze
with the remnants
of the fifth days booze.
involuntary grinds
beneath sheets of satin
send messages 
to erotic centers
set for action.
she straddles
and situates 
anticipating satisfaction.
they dance  
in yin yang 
cookie dough
as cream filling 
is injected into cream filling.
smiles all around...
round three 
will be one to remember.


  1. well...lots of nice calories packed into this one between chocolate and cookie dough you know...but i think it might have gotten burned off...smiles...what a wake up call...

    1. Lol! Only you master poet!No way to avoid the evident in this tail,er tale!Thanx as always!