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Sunday, February 12, 2012

down by the river

side by side 
as the sounds 
of the muddy water slides
outside the beat up pinto.
your thighs 
soft and supple,
chocolate truffle
is the flavor of your
soft and sweet.
moonbeams shimmer
off the surface of the brown 
and our hearts 
like a rock 
tossed through havoc
across a surface
with the ripples
we cause in the fabric
that is our lust.
you kiss,
i nibble.
you moan
and whisper
"are we alone?"
yes my sweet
and the amazing feat
that must follow
is the sound of your sighs
mingled with groans
and backwards cries.
so as my tongue
traces your lower heaven,
you remind me
that it's way past eleven.
 you should have been home
in bed
with dreams of sticky orgasms
dancing through your head.
i smile~
krispy kreme on my face
and return
to the daring deed...
let me quicken the pace.
mr. owl says,"hoo"
no, you 
are the one 
with trembling legs...
and the water flows,
and the water knows.

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