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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

schoolhouse blues in C

in the eatery
blood stained trees,
already dead from the process,
cry out
from the burden they bear.
went the shots
of deranged youth gone wrong
and the beat
goes Sonny & Cher
as the harlot
feasts upon eternity.
insanity in bloom
is the norm now.
for whom
does the bell toll
when cut down in the prime
of a life
which will fade with time?
They drop like flies
as mamas cry.
 laughter tinged
hum a sing,song tale
touting emotionless
hymns they've learned so well.
the tears stream,
from flesh of flesh
left behind 
to sink
what should not be.
screaming questions
drenched in an aftermath
that calls from souls lost
and futures hushed.
there is no search 
for rationale needed.
 only understanding
of the twain
which whispered 
words of death
to a tormented mind.
a sinister smile
from one so young...
while the ground mourns,
rivers flow
and the women weep.


  1. Flows so well, and hits so hard.

    Just great work here.

  2. holy crap man...dark...and gritty, great word choice to set the tone as well...great flow but one to remember...shivers...

  3. dang - raw, and hard-hitting. love the beat goes on sonny and cher and the bells toll references. killer write.

  4. very powerful. heavy write. stings my gut. great job :)

  5. Raw, powerful and a great write.