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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a song for nippy

can you see her?
close your eyes
and allow
the beautiful bright smile,
pony tails,
to fade into view.
can you hear her
honing her craft~
until the tender age of eleven  
and that first solo 
with the church choir?
now imagine the voice 
of an angel~
set forth on gossamer 
wings of desire...
soaring through hearts
that pound syncopated beats
while the child of promise
delivers a message
to them all.
"i will be heard."
she shook the world
with a soprano gift
that captured the minds and souls
of all that drank
her musical sonnets.
yet with powerful 
and commanding
to charm the senses,
her soul was solemn.
behind eyes of innocence
lurked the one frailty
we all endure...
where did her broken heart go
to find refuge?
was it able to fend off
the slings and stones
formed by the solitude
built over time?
was it able to defer the attacks
borne of insecurity
and misunderstanding?
all that's left,
is the memory 
of star spangled pageantry
and the hope of joy in the morning.
the slight child,
with voice so captivating...
now a flicker
on the horizon of yesterday.
sleep well dear princess
and awaken to harmonize
with those
that have arrived before you.


  1. Fantastic tribute! We lost on this was heartbreaking to watch her loose her way. I like to think her gift was needed elsewhere...and she wasn't just a casualty of this effed up world we're living in. Awesome write, poet!

    1. Thank you Tasha. Sorry it was so late. Our friends,dem inner nets, were givin me a problem.

  2. She will be missed. Love the way you caoture her spirit:

    yet with powerful 
    and commanding
    to charm the senses,
    her soul was solemn.

  3. apropo and spot on brother...a great tribute...her life took such a tragic turn...and her art will def be missed....

  4. A agree, awesome have a wonderful way of describing her with beautiful words...and ironically, there are no words to truly explain how it feels to hear her sing, how it brings us to our's to your lovely penned piece, and a farewell to a childhood icon :)

  5. she will be missed....what a wonderful tribute...thanks for this...

  6. This is an awesome write ... lovely and touching ...