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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

romeo's review

Lickity  split
the emotions have hit
once again
and my mind revels
in the thought 
of your skin
against mine.
The night,
cool and inviting,
devours my libido
my timid being.
i become the Jekyll
that jangles,
my pride takes a dive
and the metamorphosis
is complete...
your Hyde in sheep's clothing.
The rodeo show
plays in technicolor hues
and i watch from behind,
yea various views,
as you give me 
the performance of your life.
Never a wham bam
thank you ma'am
but a slow motion  romp,
through strawberry jam,
placed in conspicuous 
ready for the taking.
Moonlight, moonlight
wherefore art thou?
Take my designs once more
and remain the object
of my eternal need.


  1. dude...some smoking lines in here...jekyl that jangles...your hyde in sheeps clothing...the very next bit on various view...sensual and playful wurdz

    1. Always a pleasure and honor to read comments from one of the heavies! Thanx Mr.B!

  2. I agree...."your hyde in sheep's clothing" line in this your flow, I really identify with it... :)

  3. Thank you Jay. Your input is very important.I always look forward to the thoughts I stir within you.

  4. BLUSHING like strawberry jam! lol (Yes...I am prude!) This was awesome, wurdz....and thanks for bringing it to OpenLinkNight (I'm still blushing!)

  5. Love this man! Love the Jekyll and Hyde analogy ... and the strawberry jam - my kinda MAN! "My eternal need" Preach it! :D

  6. I really like the way you call it up and lay it down. The jekyll/hyde metaphor works nicely, and these lines were tres cool:

    i become the Jekyll
    that jangles,
    my pride takes a dive
    and the metamorphosis
    is complete...