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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

grey goose lover

it plays in my mind
 like a broken phonograph...
twisting and turning
on the table
that i thought had long since burned out.
a haunting melody
stirring echoes
of what was,
could've been
and is not.
closing my eyes tightly,
i see yesterday as now.
your smile
telling me that we still exist...
that it was all a devious fairy tale
brought about
while i was sleeping~
oh that it could be so easy.
there is no escape
from the tears
which form
each time
i hear the melody...
the memories that dance
and let me know i'm still human.
yet you're not here.
so i make love to the feathered liquid...
and fall asleep
entwined in your arms
once again.


  1. see you were waiting to see if i would go to bed before you posted, i has such power to touch places within us and bring back moments...if only it could erase some of them as well instead of ripping the scabs know...

  2. You caught me darn it! I was trying my best to tap the keys lightly. Your insight is greatly appreciated, as usual! A heavyweight like you, giving time to a lowly apprentice, makes it worth while. Thanx Bri!

  3. Love this one, Poet! You had me with the title and the words finished me. Like the play with "feathered liquid" and the images it prompts. See you Friday!!!