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Saturday, March 9, 2013

urban siren

she knows
the power of the tongue
and uses it well.
driving them insane,
with swerves
and curves
that tickle their
her wishes
become the demands
that wreak havoc
with felines 
and canines.
they look down,
as she works her magic,
casting wicked spells
that cause
spills and chills.
uncontrollable gyrations
and palpitations
randomly seize 
and douse the dreaded
with slippery slurps
and butterfly kisses
that usurp
all rationale
unbound ecstasy.
candy licker, 
her skills
are renowned,
 setting the standard
yet her golden throat
and enticing smiles
can not hide
the inky blackness
which engulfs
her heart
as she devours
the souls
of her lovers.
a temptress
longing for love
yet finding only takers
who see nothing
more than the entrance
to satisfaction...
she drowns her headaches
in hen
and once again begins
her descent
to remain the best.

1 comment:

  1. Such a strong feeling of sadness comes from this piece. I feel sorry for her. Written with style and grace. Once again Wurdz, another FINE specimen of poetry. :0)