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Saturday, December 15, 2012

in the blink of a moment

the air was crisp and cool,
not unlike
 any other sleepy morning...
until finality slithered in.
our days,
 filled with endless
orders and demands
that don't amount 
to a hill of beans,
useless paperwork
which flows like water,
came to an abrupt halt.
we listened...
the essence of evil
had entered 
sandy's womb 
and snatched 
our children away.
she knew not 
of his coming
and opened herself
to the vile deed 
which ripped hearts
and shredded belief.
her souls 
cried out for mercy
and sang false hymns 
to shield angels 
from the fury
in a demonic wasteland.
sadistic eyes stared,
from an empty shell, 
before darkness 
consumed those
that fell
and the blood
of innocence
cried out to the heavens,
"why have thou forsaken us?"
concerning that day
and hour
we know not...
yet the mind of a madman
sealed fate,
delivering a personal hell
and memories 
frozen in time.
can you hear them?
they weep.
long wails that rise
as wisps of smoke.
they yearn for the sound
of yesterday's promises
and a warm hug.
the thundering disciplinary voice's 
and the comforting laughter
of friends...
gone in an instant.
they are no more,
still they are.
they belonged to newtown
yet they are ours
in spirit.
the tiny reminders
that life is precious
and we need look no further
than those we have been blessed with.
as you gather in the days to come,
remember them.
hear their giggles
on the cool breeze
and lift them gently in prayer.
know that the delusion
contained at the end of a barrel
meant nothing.
what he saw as death
was the beginning
of compassion 
and understanding

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