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Saturday, November 17, 2012

krispy creme

the heat
from her silhouette
drew him,
called to him
like a beckoning urge
that needed to be scratched.
vanilla cupcake
infused skin,
supple and smooth,
met his kiss
pulling an eager tongue
along the road map
of her brown insanity.
the dip of her navel,
the mound of outer lips
that meet lips,
searching for inner lips
and the union
is complete.
hungry soul
devouring the creamy essence
which runs
in thick streams
as he licks 
and her hips grip.
she fucks his face
while he quickens the pace
to make her drown
in the ecstasy
of his carnal desires.
pink on pink
causes a salty explosion.
moans of satisfaction
rip through gritted teeth...
dwindling sighs
tell the tale of a deed
done well indeed.
the sounds of heavy breathing
as hunger is quenched
but for one night.

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