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Saturday, November 10, 2012

field of dreams reloaded

how can the melody
that once caused my heart
to flutter
in anticipation,
fade into devil toothed
which taunt and jest?
the touch,
so warm and inviting,
now stirs
deep regret
in the form of late night
hunger pangs
incessant cries 
for attention.
i cover my ears
and turn a deaf soul
to the thing
which wears your 
to send it
into the cornfield
would be bliss.
a worn mind
can summon
no such happiness.
crushed memories
remain at the ready,
to fill the void
has created.
empty copulation
as darkness
turns to morning dew.
false moans,
in the key of yesterday,
through sleep laden
gray matter,
pulling wanton desires
from dead curiosity.
the deed is done.
once again
i must rise to repeat,
rise to repeat,
scratch that.
routines are good.
my life is no longer mine
it's ours.
i'd trade eternity
for an escape
from this haunting
my kingdom
for a wish.
But the survival
of innocence
brightens the horizon. 

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