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Sunday, May 29, 2011

take me with you

mama nem
said there'd be
days like this...
but those alloted to me
have turned sour.
wax mold smeared
into permanent stains
which exhibit my disdain.
that's why it came
like a blessing it did~
that beam
of salvation
pulsating with a power
that sang to me
in tones of tomorrow.
i longed for this entity
that would be my transition
to a better life...
anything would suffice.
yet this tube of tribulation
brightened the night sky
as day
and turned my angst
into anticipation.
i was lifted up high,high
smiling as my worries faded
into the ever shrinking chaos
that lay behind me...
until a booming horn sounded,
sending my wretchedness
cascading once more to reality.
i never saw them again
after that.
stories and stories of stories
increased my confidence for naught. i search the skyline
at twilight
hoping for another glimpse
of deliverance.


  1. A wonderful array of rhyme, emotion, and imagery. Think the tone of the passage below is outstanding, especially the afterthought.
    "i longed for this entity
    that would be my transition
    to a better life...
    anything would suffice."
    Great work with the prompt, wurdz. Quite a journey.

  2. darn horns...maybe one day it will come...nice flow man...

  3.'re a certified nut job!but you ma boy!thanx for that to the point comment!

  4. Dustus...what can i say?your insight always seems to be on par with the theme i have in mind.thanx for your invaluable advice and commentary when many just look and keep going.

  5. Nice flow on the journey the poem took us on.

  6. Powerful piece, I'm glad I found your work.

  7. Excellent balance of all that makes poetry worthwhile - images, flow, etc.