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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

midnight in the candy shop

can i
lick the bowl
and savor
each delicious mouthful?
tracing the lines
which capture my fancy,
i slide south
and slither
my taste over mountains
of cocoa~
sugar free?
i scoff at the mention
of such absurdity.
the sound of your moans
call to me in luscious tones
that threaten
to pull the cream forth
before time...
we shall not partake of that dance.
my sole purpose
is to dine
on platters of pleasure
while a hungry libido
tangos with your sticky
french kiss.
undulating waves of yearning
grip you
and toss caution aside.
do you mind
if we entomb ourselves
in the euphoria
of delights
only our entangled love
can conceive?
liquid ecstasy,
falling like sugar,
spills into my eager throat
and you exhale your soul
for scrutiny.
the softness i meet upon entry
is a masterpiece
of confectionery art.
we gleefully writhe
in unison...
our recipe complete
but not yet fulfilled.


  1. "dine
    on platters of pleasure" Oh my...sensual and delicious.

  2. smoking...nice intense sensuality...quite tasty...

  3. daymn that's hot! and a nice rhythm too :)

  4. wow your words really smoke
    Were enjoyed very much by this bloke
    The rhythm, pace and tone
    Were all in the zone
    Tip my hat
    As this write was all that

  5. Sugar on fire. I really like this. xxxj