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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

controlled insanity according to..

lightening fast

delivered with ease,
snaking their way
inside unsuspecting
like an overdose
of valiums.
not to be confused
with boring,
which induces snoring,
there was no time
to blink
when he was in sync
and in his element,
rising to the occasion.
drama to bring tears,
thrilling renditions
to kindle fears.
the scope 
of talent 
was amazing
and bordered
on breathtaking.
add was transformed
into a triumphant
of hodgepodge antics
which altered
the world of funny men.
he was the new standard,
follow or be lost
in an imaginary toke
and puff 
that was never needed.
did he roll out of bed,
with comedy rolling
from his tongue,
or was it a grand 
cover up
for the demons
which heckled
and mocked 
at every turn?
the world loves laughter...
but does that humor
pull itself
from the dark 
which torture
and possesses 
that which struggles
to be free?
a soul in turmoil
yet willing
to share joy
with a deranged world.
you don't have to erase
the experience
from our minds.
we were thoroughly
enthralled by all
your extraterrestrial
this is not goodbye,
it's na-nu na-nu,
because there's still
so much to learn.

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