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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

diamonds are a guys best friend

she left me...
packed her bags
and left a note
telling me
that there was no way
she would play
...but she always knew
it was a love thang.
the way you waltz
into my life each year,
our nightly meetings
under the stars.
she even asked if you had
made me gay.
all the sweaty men~
i told her i used to catch.
she saw you as a threat,
no matter how i explained
my lust for your arrival.
the trumpet sounds
and my mouth longs
for your familiar tastes~
salty nuts,pink cotton heaven,
elongated dogs
between soft buns.
the way you make me stare
at balls.
she left me...
but you will always
be my summer madness.
she said this was my third strike.
...i'll give you four balls


  1. haha...i love baseball, so i love all the references...4 pic this the kinda exercise they do in prison...smiles...really playing off the tweet....enjoyable write...

  2. Baby got back, but may not come back. Great use of baseball metaphors and terminology. Quite an inventive poem. The speaker could be a DH or on the DL so to speak. Excellent, wurdz

  3. lol brian you got some issues dude!lil dain bramaged like all true writers!thanx for the comment.

  4. thanx for stoppin by dustus!yess...she most definitely got back!truly appreciate your taking time to read!

  5. this was excellent..a great share..cheers pete

  6. Four balls...and she WALKED (she's outta here!)
    Maybe you shoulda bought her a real diamond eh? Great words Wurdz.

    I wrote about three words not three strikes!!!

  7. I had to look twice at the size of the girl in the photo's that took some work out time, or surgery! Anyway, baseball, yes ahem...well no a woman should venver play second to anything! Loved the lyrical flow of this, and the end lines, brilliant